Episode 488
Wed, Nov, 30 2016
WATCHDOGS 2, NEW VGO APP!, Tyranny, DRAMA, John and Jay's Arcade, Michelle gets a PS4 and Xbox One, and more!
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Re: Polygon Game Awards P...
December 01, 2016, 11:56:19 PM
Tigerclaw spoiled the game of the year, and it was what I picked which was worth five so, FINGERS CROSSED THATS ME. 
Re: Polygon Game Awards P...
December 01, 2016, 11:32:35 PM
Two games were removed from the ballot in the Best Fan Creation category:
Re: Polygon Game Awards P...
December 01, 2016, 06:37:03 PM
Haha, I should have waited to see who won 
Re: Crowfall videos & ope...
December 01, 2016, 03:23:47 PM
"The Big World" tests started - basically, servers are bigger and mining / gathering / crafting is there BUT character customiza...


Get the NEW VGO APP for FREE on iTunes and Android! The only spot for bonus content!
Posted: Wed, Nov, 30 2016 | 1:15AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Just do a search for Video Game Outsiders, the app is totally free! If you would like to help support the show for 1.99 you can sub and gain access to extra weekly/monthly content!

488 - You get an app, you get an app, everybody gets an app!
Posted: Wed, Nov, 30 2016 | 1:09AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO #488   11/29/2016
intro: Boxing day celebration
Support VGO by getting the app ( ) ( )  *Skyrim Giveaway*
VR makes chemical releases in Michelle's brain & amazing hose technology ((  My, lord, why is it necessary to have such a long permalink?)
voicemail1: Kev from cincy owns a lot.  and john's a dick.
Matt questions his future, his present, his picture, and an Al Gore rythm
Matt's Hobbit show incoming ( )
voicemail2:  Matt can't finish the show

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - got a XboxS and a PS4Pro for a 4k experience.  Technical specs fly.
Tyrrany - like pillars of eternity ( )
Elder scrolls online for $7, a little
Watchdogs 2 ( ) Mr. Robot-like
Thanks for supporting Dear Asshole and beat Amy Schumer
drinking: water

John - Still thinking about a Playstation.  shopping Craigslist
Stern Pinball tour - and video @ ( )
And new Barcade ( )
Just wants to play Call of Dootie
drinking: Coke Zero

Matt- Watchdogs Too.
Quantum Break on Steam ( )
drinking: whatever his wife tells him to

news: Planet Coaster ( )
Facebook launches instant games ( )
Matt is soft / water is creamy
America is great again because Pennsylvania and Limbaugh Tea ( )

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487 - Happy Thanksgiving Birthday (Dishonored 2, NES Mini, Steep)
Posted: Wed, Nov, 16 2016 | 9:09PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Thanks BMULL for the show notes below, reminder we're off next week for the Holiday!

VGO #487   11/15/2016
intro: Special Thing - Matt's B-day andThe Pizza Hut experience!
( )
voicemail1: job application

10 sec. spotlight:
Matt, the B-day boy - Neon Chrome ( )
live tron interpretation /
Dishonored purchased on PS4 / Michelle PC / John XB1
Dishonored 2  { roundtable discussion }
- "It's the journey, not the destination" - CoastalMichelle
drinking: Zywiec beer ( )

Michelle - Conan Clueless gamer ( )
Steep Beta ( )
struggling with the orange shit-hole for 45 minutes
What ever happened to the good tricky games?
drinking: just water

John -  Titanfall & Battlefield1 at the Target Pre-Black Fri. sale
Titanfall single player story is cute / Real Steel heart tugging
Waiting for Watchdogs ( )
NES Classic ( )
and the Target line standing (Story)
John also bought the Famicom Mini ( )
drinking: some red wine

voicemail2:  NES sold out and console shout out
voicemail3: Craigslist Aids reprise

news: PS Pro performs poorly ( )
point five consoles demand is negligible
Off next week due to the giving of the thanks
You Suck Show next -

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Extra 10 - Blizzcon Bullies who were Bullied
Posted: Sat, Nov, 12 2016 | 8:38PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and WoW news, plus SJW N3RD RAGGGEEEEE at Blizzard!


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Posted: Wed, Nov, 09 2016 | 7:05PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO #486   11/8/2016
intro:  Intro to Politics 101 - 9:00 - Tu - 3 credits - Madison Hall rm. 486
voicemail1:  freak1138 sayz what game of the year for Prez?
michelle: battlefield /overwatch
John: later
matt: uncharted / tomb raider

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle -  Titanfall2 - fluid, jumping, rhythm, and robot companionship ( )
Snipe, snipe, troll, troll, pussy - on the Titanfall COD controversy.
drinking: coco metro belgian chocolate milk ( )

John -  Animal Crossing New Leaf DLC / Titanfall2 intentions / Legacy Edition COD
Infinite Warfare - Space Is Awesome! ( )
Remastered is pretty fukkin great.  I know every inch of these maps.
drinking: Diet Coke w/ Splenda

Matt-  Tomb Raider took Matt's PC cherry and a hacker took his $200 on the PSN.
drinking: nothing because he's still poor from buying a PC

voicemail2: fightingman 123 - watcha think about VR ? / <--- the future
news: New Nintendo 3DS $99 ( )
New NES Classic ( )
Sega Genesis with an SD card slot ( )
voicemail3: review copies for journalists - hate on everything
Presidential update!
voicemail4: Nathan sayz - congratz to Matt
Ohio is the reddest of all the States
blame Michigan / The End

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