Episode 499
Wed, Feb, 22 2017
For Honor, Elder Scrolls: Homestead, Until Dawn, Nioh, Splunker, Pixel Junk Shooter, Gravity Rush, Mafia 3, Pro vs Scorpio
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Re: 492 - Return of the M...
Today at 01:29:09 PM
I need to get me some of these.
499 - We're all Fanboys n...
Today at 12:07:17 AM
Thanks BMULL for the full show notes below! Only one week left to get a t-shirt ilovevgo.comVGO #499  2/21/2017intro: Switch you...
Re: Elite Dangerous
February 21, 2017, 10:06:44 PM
How long you been playing SkidRow?
Re: Elite Dangerous
February 21, 2017, 09:58:59 PM
CMDR Skid Row Trash here.I usually fly for that scumbag Archon Delain but I'll join the VGO Space Gang if we can get one going. ...


499 - We're all Fanboys now.
Posted: Wed, Feb, 22 2017 | 12:33AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

VGO #499  2/21/2017
intro: Switch your ID / "someone coudda fucked me" - John
Get yo T-shirt before they gone on 2/28 ( )
voicemail1: John needs Xplane
Xplane looks badass ( )

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - The Homestead Update for Elder Scrolls ( )
Until Dawn PS4 ( ) It's scary good!
NIOH - not gonna talk about it.
drinking: Simply Lemonade w/ ice

John -  Loving the PS4 and the world / Friend requests are offputting
NIOH suck stream ( )
Splunker World trash / Loadout - all about the guns
Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate ( )
Track Mania Turbo ( ) Multiplayer fun!
Gravity Rush 2 ( ) impressive
Shitty xbox1 games - Project Cars < lovers in space < Battlefield 1
Genesis collection on Steam ( )
drinking: a water

voicemail2: jake thinks he's awesome, but the Switch isn't

PogoJoe - just call me John, or pogo ( )
Mafia 3 / Life is Strange / won an Xbox1
For Honor - it's just a fighting game / Ghost Recon
Pogo's backlog
drinking: Ahrange Gatorade and a Double Gulp Root Beer.

News:  ( )
Games are too big for the Switches britches
Switch game prognostication / Why build the Pro?
The intergeneratioanl console userbase splintering dichotomy
Overporn / Crash Bandicoot
voicemail3: Carlos fr AZ sayz create yo Switch account
voicemail4: Have Jose replace Matt

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498 - What the Ben Heck?!? V-Day Special!
Posted: Wed, Feb, 15 2017 | 7:46PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Ben Heck convo starts around 55mins in!

Intro: Happy Valentine's Day, Hans Solo almost killed people!

10 second spotlights:

Michelle plays Conan Exiles, Nioh Roundtable, and We Were Here - the best co-op game to play with your loved one!

John gets a PS4 and a flight stick (he also really sucks at Nioh) plus
Uncharted 4, Rachet and Clank, Little Big Planet 3, Watchdogs 2, Elite Dangerous

Ben Heck from The Ben Heck Show joins us to TEAR DOWN the Switch (and make John cry) we also get into some pretty interesting topics/news, and find out what secret projects Ben is up to! Be sure to check Ben out on youtube here:

Only 2 weeks left to grab a VGO 500 shirt on ilovevgo.vom
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497 - Fiiiiireeee Emmmmmblem and Ryan Gosling (plus free bonus app content this week)
Posted: Wed, Feb, 08 2017 | 2:13AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

Thanks pandadeath for the art and bmull for the show notes.

VGO #497   2/7/2017
intro: Flaming cheese opening
500th show coming up - VISIT ILOVEVGO.COM
voicemail1: blake sayz john is a fanboy
sick of the hate

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta ( ) Division/FarCry re-skinned?  Good for a few minutes.
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, thanks PogoJoe ( )
felt like an Alpha. ( )
Fire Emblem Heroes ( ) Tried it, so much to it. The shit's deep
Fire Emblem Opera (Song)  / 6998930424 Friend code (Song)
Michelle's casae against Nintendo
drinking: Core Water

John -  semi-box opening  - Hot Ass Thrust Stick ( ) for Elite Dangerous
Played COD and watched 4 wonderful men
Ides of March / War Dogs / The Gambler / "La-La Land is great" - John
Warcraft News Token Blizzard Gold for real stuff
John does not play games
drinking: Nintendo juice

Voicemail2: BTZInferno sayz SD cards are SS

Ray Price Jr. - (@raymondaprice) - Big PS4 fan and a soft spot for Nintendo
Pokemon Sun / Moon on an ugly 2DS
Nintendo Switch dreams and arguing
Overcooked on Steam ( )

News :  goto  and check out the news
Enduring movie franchise of great renown ( )
Portal for Hololens ( )
COD MW-remastered gets new weapons / Rocket League Toys
PS4 supports external drive / Oculus has to pay
Fallout 4 58GB textures / BF1 season pass upgrade
voicemail3: Kevin sayz - VR killer app: medicine
voicemail4: OM Hooker sayz - PSVR killer app is RE7

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ALSO in honor of VDAY (we love you all) we're doing our APP BONUS content episode free this week, you can get "Blank Outsiders - Shopping, no dicks" right now if you head over to the iTunes or Google Play store on our free app! Enjoy.

Posted: Tue, Feb, 07 2017 | 2:08AM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle

We set up a custom url which takes you to our storefront at John also wants me to note that our very own will also get you there...

We're offering many different logos, including a classic Episode 1 original "OG", and a new specially designed Episode 500 "Reboot" logo. Each with various styles, fabric quality, and colors, so don't be confused by the storefront. Be sure to see all drop-down menus for color/style/fabric changes or to find the mugs, stickers, and sweatshirts. We also did some Live from Russia and Tokyo inspired designs as well!

This will end late the 27th I think, right before our 500th Episode on Tuesday the 28th, thank you to everyone who has listened and supported.

Also John, I did this for you and your KIND...

496 - Resident Dick Slider
Posted: Thu, Feb, 02 2017 | 10:11PM
Posted by: CoastalMichelle


VGO  #496   1/31/2017
intro: we're gonna talk. Everything Outsiders.

voicemail1: oscar meyer hooker sayz matt's not happy and Insurgency
Insurgency and SOCOM - )
RE7: making people sick

10 sec. spotlight:
Michelle - basically a RE7 Roundtable
( )
done in 10 hours.  Sandhuts, lots of sandhuts and tar people.
Didn't need the Resident Evil tag.  May be PSVR killer app?
voicemail2: yes.  VR is here to stay.
PS4 graphics are inconsistent.
Ninja Spinki Challenges (
drinking: Life WTR ( )
it's just water.


 John -  COD like amuthafukka - Hyper team death match
( )
"It makes me happy to open those packs, okay?" - john 1/31/17
 new DLC Sabotage ( )
it's a goddamn playstation exclusive for a month!
Omnibus on Steam ( )
Outrun 2006 delisted ( )
Badass Razer keyboard ( )
Switch talk (new segment?)
"nobody games on a fukking Mac!" - michelle
voicemail3: Michelle u gotta chill out!
drinking:  a water

Mitchell -  ( )
from Michigan has nice hair and played For Honor
John talked him into the new COD / Madden Ultimate team cards ( )
drinking: NOS Citrus Charged

news:  Tweet news to ( )
Conan Exiles has nice dick technology ( )
People buying PSVR ( )
voicemail4: Dirty fr NO sayz lots of tech stuff - really fast
michelle loves the curve and the ultrawide
"I kinda want the thruster and the stick" - john
Lots More Switch talk / SMBros. on the Shield in China ( )
that Mass Effect shit (Racist developer tweets - Manwhore Hair)
Overwatch skin contro.  ( )
Dude spends 1mill on Game of War app ( )
Skate 4 rumors quelched / Namco founder didn't create Pac-Man
Guitar Hero sold to Ubisoft ( )

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