Episode 409
Wed, Apr, 01 2015
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Ascendance, Pillars of Eternity, The Order 1886, Sherlock Holmes, News, and MORE!
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409 has wheels on its cha...
Today at 10:07:19 PM
VGO #409  3/31/15intro - The all California VGO!!rendezvous in LA / bears in underwear / circle K rollies{Nintendo police state ...
Re: 408 is going for the ...
March 26, 2015, 12:08:48 PM
Remember the "good ol' days"  when it took John over a week to post the show?Yeah, those days weren't so good.   These days are ...
408 is going for the gold
March 25, 2015, 07:00:53 PM
VGO #408  3/24/15intro - jumpy jump groovy and ultra rare zelda 3ds'smichelle is tired, brown, and Pringle-lessVoicemail1 - Than...
Re: Heroes of the Storm
March 24, 2015, 09:44:55 PM
I'll make sure to look out for you more often.  Good week to be playing too with the new map, and sylvannas added as the new her...


Episode #409 has wheels on its chairs
Posted: Wed, Apr, 01 2015 | 10:07PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #409  3/31/15
intro - The all California VGO!!
rendezvous in LA / bears in underwear / circle K rollies
{Nintendo police state and Fair Use}

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - Pillars of Eternity - Old Skool RPG, top down and tactical.
City Skylines (  )
drinking: water

John - Hardline: a hard habit to break.  It's not B4, but it's finely tuned.
no stats on my app unless terms are accepted.  
single player short, cheezy cop 1 liners, and only $40 on Amazon
New CoD is on steroids and new map pak ascendence is crazy
drinking: the CoD Kool-Aid

Matt  - The Order got a bad rap. Nice presentation, no multiplayer
finished Dying Light / Sherlock Holmes - bad port, but nifty game
drinking: ?

Zelda delay / Splatoon (  )
AC Chronicles (  )
PS Home gets no second life / It shoulda been cool, but it wasn't
following Beibers hair-line
draggin it out

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408 is going for the gold
Posted: Wed, Mar, 25 2015 | 7:01PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #408  3/24/15
intro - jumpy jump groovy and ultra rare zelda 3ds's
michelle is tired, brown, and Pringle-less

Voicemail1 - Thank yaw to J and M, yee ha
remix CD is done / patreon is a joke?(  )
Voicemail 2 - there are no cats in america
snoopy didnt sound like that (  )

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - more Wolf / WoW / week of tan
dad won't stop playing Diablo with the extra levels
{parents playing games}
drinking: water

{TV time - HoC, Sex ITC, Saul, binge watching, and more horse face women}

John -  Mario Party 10 and new wave Amiibos with a gold exclusive
John finds 2 gold plastic marios in the wild and Mario Party 10
Battlefield Hardline authority - so fucking cool - and it's a TV show
drinking: ?

Matt  - The Order is good to look at / it's good / it's ok / and no multiplayer
Bloodborne - darks souls with a different name
Tales from Borderlands - you don't do much - it plays itself
drinking: water

Voicemail2 - bill from houston got bloodborne and it's worth $60
Voicemail3 -  last week kaijudo lied. consoles are a waste of time.

{PC games thinktank - DerrickH joins at the end}
retro vgs (  )  And retro gaming in general
Text - from brianna - M is the best - what's up with the Steam Controller?
Let's get outta heeyah!
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407 only has eyes for you
Posted: Wed, Mar, 18 2015 | 9:59PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #407  3/17/15
intro - they call me blkdog7 and I have T-shirts
he's got an eye thing (  )

Voicemail1 - gibson guitar rep sayz nintendo going mobile, when will M buy a console,  
and horse face girlz are attractive

{Nintendo future speculation}

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - little red riding hoods and her Wolfe diaries - it's not a fairy tale
(  ) steampunkish, sidescrolling, sassy, and only a sawbuck
drinking: warter

{Free to Play movie talk} (  )
John is now a DOTA guy, Michelle disagrees

John - a Hardline, counterstrike with vip, heist, and rescue modes. There's a lot here.
(  ) but don't fall for the $10 package
 little bit of Screamride
drinking: ?

Matt  - game access in canada takes too long / Counterspy - a 2D mission runner  
Valliant Hearts - fake indie?  (  )
{Indie game definition discussion}
drinking: water out of green cup that's 10 years old

voicemail2 -  waddup muffakas.  Jah be uzin "okay, okay, okay"- dats fukkin bullshea
voicemail3 - kev in cincy.  John takes a lot of abuse, man.   and don't ever have kids, cause it fucks up yo lifestyle.
voicemail4- kaijudo . building a PC is a waste of time

{New Nintendo NX Console conversation}
Ratings for Google Play games
T-shirt countdown

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406 LOVES Screamride
Posted: Wed, Mar, 11 2015 | 7:21PM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #406  3/10/15
intro -  
the crew regroups and kevin says john should eat a D
PC's are easy to build, plug it in and you're done
{sound effect symposium}

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - Hitman revolution / Deuce X (sic)  
Hand of fate - card game and action adventure combined  - also on console                                   
(  )
Black rock mountain for Hearthstone- i donwanna play it
drinking: water out of a plastic bottle

John - you know that free Sniper Elite game? John has no patience for it.
3DS/WiiU -  Ollie Ollie is cross buy for Nintendo, but not cross save.  It's Okay.
Scream Ride is a stupid fun toy, death, destruction, rollercoaster, driving, rhythm chaos!
the theme is fucking with the people. (  )
drinking: Rockstar

gettin serious about remix cd, gettin paid, getting laid

Matt  - having problems renting games and  Finished Wolfenstein  
traveling to Mars and finding Valiant Hearts / The Dog Game
(  )
drinking: water, from chickboxing metal waterbottle

voicemail -  Hey there delilah   / matt is bi / michelle's not married / john's secret
Arms wide open for Matt (song)
Alien Isolation getting sequel / Hyrule gave dynasty warriors new fans
Are we ready for another Rockband?
Stave and decay hid their penises / ToeJam and Earl reconfirmed / Remember me ready
Tron getting another sequel

cole sayz:  Splatoon - better than gears of war
space shows are cool
Can I go now?

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Posted: Thu, Mar, 05 2015 | 12:16AM
Posted by: blkdog7

VGO #405  3/4/15
intro -  pop filters / keeping your mike clean /people care about the T-shirt
Michelle's mom likes black women and black women movies
other movie talk {redacted for spolers}
voicemail1 - DrkBldWolf < struggling with the using your mouth for speaking thing >
voicemail2 - urban angst sounding barbaric yawps

10 sec spotlight
Michelle - Monument Valley ipad- worth it - it's a cute little game
(  )
Seabeard - animal crossing ripoff - free to play and pretty cool
(  )
WoW patch 6.1
Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - like a disney cartoon with puzzles  
(  )
drinking: smart water

John - PS Plus has expired along with interest in Playstation
Battlefield 4 squad obliteration - bomb spawning - blah, blah, best game evar!
Gold good game:  Hashtag Idarb - it's great and stupid and i love it- you can hashbomb
(  )  
addicted to Pokemon shuffle and the stable of jewels
DKCountry returns on 3DS / Harmo Knight - worth your Nintendo Club points
(  )
drinking: Evan Williams

GDC news read
Golden Tee group talk and cross platform interaction
Mad Max cancelled / paris hilton getting in the game
John may build a PC instead of getting a PS4
Clayfighter coming back in 2016
tokens, gold, and blizzard store credit
Crossy road makes 10000k
Nvidia set top box, steam link, and playstation TV
Amiibos are a platform / nintendo 's new dna and change / mobile apps

Michelle needs 10 hours of sleep / men don't know laundry
Review: VGO is family in my book 10/10
Have fun!

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