Episode #546 – No Man’s Water

Episode #546 – No Man’s Water

Intro:  drowning in Amarrrrrica

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO :  AngryGamer sayz move to Nintendo

The Twin Galaxies Dragster High Score Debacle


10 sec. spotlight:


  • Subnautica   – it’s No Man’s Water
  • $75 on Rainbow 6 Siege Year 3
  • pre-ordered Battle for Azeroth: WoW expansion
  • Drinking: Water

Roundtable – Sea of Thieves  (Stream  )


Voicemail #2: Mike sayz y’all are Heidi & Frank

Guest Host – Matto!


Voicemail #3:  Is Tiger a real person?

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  • Hey VGO!
    Serious question, is John going to continue saying “Cray”?
    Thanks, love the show!

    Dschlitz Reply
    • I really hope not.

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • It seems like every time a new Monster Hunter game is released there’s a big push to make it a mainstream hit, but I’m with John; I played the Wii U one for twenty plus hours waiting for it to get good, but it was just a grindfest. And that was supposedly the “best one” and a good entry point to the series… then I’m hearing the same bullshit with Monster Hunter World, and I’m doubtful it’s any different.

    And I love how Michelle fangirls out over Valve and anthropomorphizes them into the “good guys”… then I get home and read an article about their employees getting busted for pedophilia:


    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • One employee cannot be held accountable for the whole company or vice verss though

      Anonymous Reply
      • Mmm hmm… “One kid fucker doesn’t spoil the bunch”, is that the saying?
        The timing on that was perfect: Driving home, listening, thinking, “Wow, Michelle really is defending Valve and Steam…” to reading that article; Aaaaannnnd there’s a pedophile over there.
        Almost as good as having one of John’s Arcade videos playing in the background as I was cleaning my cheap, $20 Chinese arcade stick by spitting on it and wiping it with a sock, then hearing him talk about cleaning a control panel with Simple Green and paper towels. Aren’t we fancy?

        AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • I loved the sot beta. I played about 24 hrs. I was told it was only about 20% of the full game. Only the gold hoarders guild was used in beta. It was a blast fighting other ships, boarding them, and stealing their chests. I can’t wait for the full release.

    echochek Reply
  • We ended up losing the wav files for VGO and had to use tiger’s backup recording, still sounded better than skype though sans JOHN and his audio issues. We were able to use wavs for the bonus show we did BLANK Outsiders this week, which does sound better IMO… sans John. 😉

    Michelle Madison Reply
    • This sounded SO much better (and the sound never bothered me before either). Do you mind sharing what service you switched to from Skype?

      K Oaks Reply
      • not logged in right now, but it’s michelle, we were using zencastr

        Anonymous Reply

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