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September 30, 2020

Episode #678 – Leave the Poop Rag, Take the Cannoli

Intro: R O B O T I N T R O Preorder updates Voicemail #1: British Bake off only teases with no payoff Binge or weekly episodes debate    Mini Galaga 1/4 scale arcade cabinet […]

September 23, 2020

Episode #677 – Bots, Bezos, and Bethesda: The PS5, Xbox, and 3080 Pre-order Apocalypse!

Intro: Hunt for the 3080 before October Pre-order war stories Voicemail #1: Lucky guy got PS5 Scalper-Bot has all the cards    Mini Galaga 1/4 scale arcade cabinet Giveaway!   Click HERE to enter Ends Oct. […]

September 16, 2020

Episode #676 – Put Your PS5 on Layaway Today!

Intro: Get the new VGO App, Apple losers! Sony sounds like a little creepy child Voicemail #1:  VGO Confession – addicted to Nintendo, a disorder.    Mini Galaga 1/4 scale arcade cabinet Giveaway!   Click HERE […]

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John Jacobsen

John Jacobsen


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Michelle Madison
Michelle Madison

Michelle Madison


The creator of many tech and humor websites including Damn You Auto Correct, she also wrote the best-selling book Dear Asshole. Read the full bio for her music, and more!

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