Episode 509 – Psychic Mario Kart

Episode 509 – Psychic Mario Kart

Intro:   –  An all Nintendo Kart psychic podcast!
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – BTG sayz add a forum

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Prey Demo
  • Mario Kart Daughter Sayz why not 9? –  It’s charming and plays itself
  • A solid solid solid solid game – John 5/2/17
  • Drinking: Polar Seltzer Ruby Red Grapefruit

Voicemail #2: Ducks sayz – U make me diarrhea and VR
Clueless Gamer VR

Guest Psychic – Sage

  • John will be in a movie soundtrack / Someone died in John’s basement
  • Michelle’s Grandma has no name /   Michelle moves back East w/ horses
  • Matt has no immediate future, anal probing, and inter-dimensional beings
  • New female host and John’s secrets


Nintendo New 2DS for $150  – competing with the Switch?
Voicemail #3:  Michelle burning collectors  / 2dsxl
Phil Spencer wants Netflix model for Xbox games
Next Gen Playststion
Where are all the 1st party Microsoft games?
Puyo Puyo Tetris more on the Switch
Voicemail #4: good job shitting myself
Voicemail #5: John is beating your level
John has a prestigious Steam account / it’s not just a rental
Next Gen VR – Still too much
Games make you sick and suicidal
Calling all weird professions

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  • Ah, of course, the “Blade” symbol. It shows your powerful and dominating nature, as opposed to the “Chevron”

    Bmullz Reply
    • To me it was very video gamey… overwatch & abstergo from assassin’s creed, and if I buy an add on set, I will complete it and make it look portal=ish.

      Michelle Madison Reply
      • Where the hell is Ted? He should be here to making lewd comments about your bedroom

        Bmullz Reply
        • LOL.

          Michelle Madison Reply
  • Someone asked what shape I went with for the lights – here is pic

    Michelle Madison Reply
  • That was fun.. The psychic frontier has been explored on VGO. Something tells me he would have been good on that other show that happens around midnight. The name escapes me right now.

    Bmullz Reply

    Michelle Madison Reply

      John Jacobsen Reply

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