Episode #515 – E3 Special!

Episode #515 – E3 Special!

Intro:  check us out on Twitch / Android / Bonus Content / Riotcast
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Vaughn here sayz he needs John
Battlefield on Xbox or PC (discussion)

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2:  E3 is pretty shitty / retro hipster pixel game / bring back Eric

Guest Host – Derrick Jackson !  @NESJaxon

E3 News:




PC Games / Etc :

Who won E3?  Microsoft

  • Derrick sayz – Nintendo lost / Microsoft won
  • John sayz – Nintendo lost / Microsoft won
  • Michelle sayz – Nintendo lost / Microsoft won

Graphics card budgets and E3 final thoughts
voicemail #3:  Xbox One X is fukking retarted
voicemail #4:  omg John,  stop the mosquito noise
voicemail #5: dude from philly sayz Ace Combat VR is awesome


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  • finally some people speaking the truth while every paid ad online is saying nintendo won it and sony came in second place.

    sc Reply
  • Microsoft’s conference was the best for that Metro: Exodus trailer alone. One of the few actual surprises at E3. Those games (and the books) are amazing, and I thought the series was done and forgotten. Super happy for that, plus it’s multiplatform so everyone can cut the fanboy bullshit out of the discussion.

    Also, nice O’Reilly meltdown by John.

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • I thought the exact same O’Reilly thing when he said it too – FUCK IT – WE’LL DO IT LIVE !

      Bmullz Reply
  • Phew, lots of details tonight, thanks for the notes and links!

    Michelle Madison Reply
    • Good job! Woot

      John Jacobsen Reply

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