Episode #518 – Born on the 4th of DLC

Episode #518 – Born on the 4th of DLC

Intro:  All American VGO Podcast!!!

The state of Fireworks  & slow state of games in America
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Jake sayz he’s awesome and worth $2

10 sec. spotlight:



Voicemail #2: I WAN’T MY $2 – Mr. Colorado wins VGO for a year!

Guest Host – Matt McCarthy (@McCarthy99  )

  • went to Canada for the 4th of July / plea for John to try VR
  • playing Zelda / Mario Kart / SF Remaster / Uncharted 4


SteamLink for $15 / Samsung built-in Steamlink 

In the Future… {game delivery discussion}

The SNES classic / Rasp Pi discussion and the HDMI delay

Adam says Destiny event / Michelle sayz Destiny sucks

PS4Pro price drop?   The future of Consoles {discussion}

Xbox Game Sale or not to Xbox Game Sale, that is the question

The death and resurrection of Splinter Cell

of Mice and New PUBg maps

Bioware Andromeda rumors are the bomb.

Ubisoft and Hololens and feathers

Voicemail #3: Fortnite in a fortnight  (PC)

Lawbreakers open Beta – now NOT free to play

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  • I think these mid-cycle console upgrades have had an interesting effect on gamers’ perception of buying iterative hardware. It wasn’t that long ago that Microsoft was teasing a yearly upgrade path or a subscription/subsidized console and was getting lambasted for the notion… Now the idea of buying an upgraded version of the same system or subscription game services seems like it’s getting a positive response, or it’s an “inevitable future”.

    And I always found the comparison to PC gamers to console gamers rather flawed. As Michelle pointed out, most people playing computer games have old/shitty PCs; they can’t run current, graphically intense games. So saying, “There are ‘X’ people on Steam” isn’t really comparable to how many PS4s or Xbox Ones are out there… you’d have to go back a couple generations and count those in there as well, to be fair. If a bunch of people are just playing World of Warcraft… that game was on PlayStation 2…

    And as great as it is to be able to play older games on PC, it’s still astonishing how many broken ass games are sold on Steam. Literally the last four games I’ve played have had some kind of issue, ranging from simple fixes to complete fucking nightmares. With the introduction of multiple tiers of consoles playing the same games, we might see the amount of bugs and compatibility issues get multiplied as well.

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply
    • Yeah, not sure what’s going to happen here – early on I really thought the xbox one x was supposed to be (or going to be) some up-gradable, do your own customization thing… sort of like “pop in an ssd” “pop in the stronger gpu for 4k”… I see potential there if MS or Sony actually comes out with a Steam box / Alienware alpha type thing. I guess they make more money though if they just keep shitting out .5 consoles every year or two. Like it or not, people are getting more and more tech savvy, and technology is moving so fast – the simple console days might be behind us, or an antiquated concept.

      Michelle Madison Reply
    • Funny thing is that a lot of console games are broken ass shit from the beginning as well. And it’s because consoles have become PC’s with hard drives and the ability to release patches on day 1. Remember when console games had to be finished, tested, and de-bugged before release, like over 10 years ago? Now we have to pay for them to be lazy and release crippled shit. Oh, wait, are you still allowed to say crippled?

      Bmullz Reply
      • True, but the vast majority of the time the games will eventually get fixed on consoles or they’ll get pulled from the store. On PC it can come down to hack-y fan patches and mods to make them “kinda sorta” work… on some systems… as long as you run these other programs in the background… and pray to the Moon Gods on Friday night.

        And I believe the proper term is “differently retarded” now.

        AbsoluteDeicide Reply
  • I’ve been listening to you guys since I was maybe 24 or 25. I’ll be 36 in November. Thanks for all you do.

    Gingerbeardman Reply
    • Thanks! I know, I’m old 🙂

      Michelle Madison Reply
  • Ugh John’s internet strikes again, live youtube feed sounds pretty bad but the downloadable audio version will be better. Check for that on itunes, google, our apps, riotcast, or here on the site in the media player for streaming or DL link! Uploading in a few mins!

    edit: it’s up everywhere – http://traffic.libsyn.com/vgo/vid_out_ep_518.mp3

    Michelle Madison Reply

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