Episode #536 – Xbox One X, SJW Edition

Episode #536 – Xbox One X, SJW Edition

Intro:  Washington’s Man bag

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – dude sayz upgrade me to XB1X, WoW

John is …pushing the boundries of live streaming. (XBoxOne Unboxing )

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Mario Odyssey  – It’s a step above – “It’s the Mario we deserve”
  • Destiny sucks
  • Call Of Duty WWII  – “I’m a Call of Duty guy”
  • dramatic calling cards and rainbow flags
  • Zombie dude and tokens and Inf. Warfare was better
  • Cleansing history / A step backwards
  • XboxOneX Scorpio hype –  It’s hot as fukk!
  • No headset, no Kinect, no way to talk to Cortana
  • We’re in a weird place, not a new place
  • Make me feel special – John
  • Drinking: Yes


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  • I’m in the complete opposite camp as John on the new Call of Duty; haven’t been a huge fan of the series since Modern Warfare 2 because they just kept adding crap on top crap every year. I played Infinite Warfare last year and thought the multiplayer was a mess. I’m LOVING the multiplayer in WWII. Good maps, cool class specific perks, seems balanced so you can actually use any gun in the game and do well if you play it right, just the right amount of stupid/arcade-y action and “realism”… though people complaining it’s not 100% historically accurate seems kind of silly.

    And the whole “SJW trend” is definitely all about money. The companies figure if they cater to certain groups they’ll become costumers. That’s fine and a fairly basic business strategy; it doesn’t hurt anyone to have the OPTION to play as a transsexual, Sudanese albino or whatever, but it does get awfully cultish when they have to stand in front giant screens that say “Diversity” and “Inclusion” in press conferences and preach about how virtuous their company is. It really is a replacement for religion in a post-religion society. And after all that talk you still see a bunch of white dudes in the Call of Duty lobbies with names like “It’s Okay To Be White” and “Heil Hitler”, so…

    AbsoluteDeicide Reply

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