Episode #602 – Motherfuckin’ Stadia

Episode #602 – Motherfuckin’ Stadia

Intro: A Mickey Mouse Podcast – stadiapodcast.com

Voicemail #1: MT guy sayz WWSD ? No one cares.

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10 sec. spotlight:


  • Dawn of Man – unfinished pony trick
  • more DMC / WoW
  • Drinking: Aquafina


Voicemail #2: Matt drilled a hole in a cantaloupe

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )


Voicemail #3: ep. 600 was the bestest evar!

  • The furry lifestyle & Blizcon STD’s
  • Tiger is a regular guy
  • This generation still doesn’t feel like next generation
  • Banking on 5G
  • Where do you stand? #Imwithgoogle

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