Episode #635 – Meth Stranding

Episode #635 – Meth Stranding

Intro: Matt’s been dropped.

The Turkey’s gobbling for next week. And Tonite’s a Call of Duty night.


Voicemail #1: Play some Borderlands and do acid. Yeah!

Sturgill Simpson / Sound & Fury

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Thought @ Jumanji but it got bad reviews
  • Disco Elysium – Serious as a heart attack
  • Disney Plus and Breaking Binging
  • Han shot first again / Lucas trolling
  • Minecraft Earth – not into it.
  • Drinking: Purified drinking water from Ralph’s


Voicemail #2: Chris fr MI sayz dat witch, tho

Guest Host:  Savral fr. “The Satans” syndicate in Star Citizen (@Savral )

  • Death Stranding – ** SPOILERS ALERT **
  • Artistic vision is cool. Nice HDR and mad skill behind this game.
  • Hyper realistic MoCap.
  • Michelle wants to know about the symbolism.
  • A great, miserable experience.
  • It’s a movie, walking simulator, not a real game
  • In-game ads in the crapper
  • “I can buy the piss and shit thing.”  – John
  • “There had to be a better way to make things fun” – Michelle


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