Episode #681 – Freaky Friday Game Swap!

Episode #681 – Freaky Friday Game Swap!

Intro: Body Swapping, head knocking, and bein’ white.

BodySwap Theme (I am Matt – Song)

Voicemail #1: Scott fr MN sayz he’s stupid

Michelle is a save Nazi /

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Phasmaphobia – i aint afraid of no ghost
  • Call of Duty Cold War … ghosts of John / Auto Amy
  • Death is meaningless / kills seem meaningless
  • zippy and fast.  hard to compare kills. / It’s a John review
  • Airplane Mode – you can fly in an airplane for hours / buggy mess
  • When you play as John, sometimes you have to play Shitty games
  • Drinking: New England IPA. Pulp Daddy. – tastes like orange vomit


  • John will buy the game twice: Call of Duty ( PC) (Xbox)
  • Guitar lessons with dumb & dumber – Dirty Bomb
  • Diablo on the Switch is fine
  • John transforms into a Canadian Matto /
  • assassins creed origins, Chime Sharp
  • Coors lite is the worst beer on the planet / coors organic ?
  • Drinking: generic Canadian something?

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )


  • Digital consoles hurt retail / Digital only
  • By accident / on accident
  • Gamefly gets bought out
  • Thank you Krafty – 3080 for John
  • Matt’s parents get an Oculus

Spooktacular next week

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