Episode #687 – God’s Basement

Episode #687 – God’s Basement

Intro: God week, oh lord.

Voicemail #1: Dan sayz john can’t take on calls.

God calls in live, tells a dad joke

10 sec. spotlight: God



  • Montezuma’s Revenge – the modern classic remake. not gonna blow you away
  • (Ubisoft) Immortal Fenyx Rising – looks like BoTW, and you move a lot of boxes and beards, pretty OK
  • Drinking: A Godly Diet Mt. Dew

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • House of God – train to heaven
  • God’s Basement – it’s in a hallway
  • Matt’s PS5 update / Miles Morales / Valhalla / Cyberpunk talk
  • No dick pics in Discord – post your Cyber Self
  • Drinking: Bengal Chai Tea


Stay tuned for Cyberpunk updates, post your character creations on Discord

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