Episode #703 – SONY IS DONE!

Episode #703 – SONY IS DONE!

Intro: Light and Dark and Covid Quarantine
Michelle has a new mic from Shure!

Voicemail #1: Christian fr MI sayz Xbox is still valid console

10 sec. spotlight:



  • (XBOX) Outriders – no cross progression, laggy AF
  • waypoints, loading screens, linear, not open. Slots of fun.
  • Ass is hanging outside the cover / connection errors / something lacking
  • Couldn’t get the refund
  • Drinking: Vanished Valley Pomona IPA

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Roundtable: It Takes Two

  • It takes 2 – blue yarned hair bitch
  • You’re in a vacuum / hand holdy
  • timed 2 player puzzles / punchable voice acting
  • “There needs to be more 2 player games” – Michelle
  • Daddy has a Porche now … and Tinder
  • next


  • Pac-Man 99 for Switch
  • Let’s talk about The Show / Quid Pro Quo?
  • Lengthy Microsoft – Sony discussion
  • E3 online only . Sony is done.
  • “Microsoft does what Sony Don’t” – John
  • “Nobody cares about Phil” – Michelle

Voicemail #2: Mark sayz Omniblast is the Boss

Next week: Sandra Bullock Chronicles

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