Episode #720 – Nerding Out with Rob Sprance

Episode #720 – Nerding Out with Rob Sprance

Intro: A NYC podcast with Rob Sprance !!! He cleaned up the Glory Hole

Voicemail #1: Mr Awesome sayz like lawn mowing casts

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Rob Sprance !!! (aka, @RobSprance  )

  • Steam Deck 512 reservation experience
  • Is PC VR dead? No one knows, but it’s in trouble. Quest is dumbing down VR
  • Quest -> Just for the info / Valve-> for the games
  • PSVR 2? Home run, sayz Rob / Future of VR market
  • (PS5) Returnal – Same, but different
  • Matt helped get Rob a PS5
  • Drinking: Water & weed

Voicemail #2: Instagram stickers on your car?


Voicemail #3: Hey John, still playing Rachet & Clank?

Waiting for more VR porn

Check out Rob’s YouTube channel – The Hole

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