Episode #729 – Digital Chickens

Episode #729 – Digital Chickens

Intro: Podcast is Boomer for best gaming week evar!

Voicemail #1: ADR stand-ins should be fukking Bears.  And Chris Pratt

10 sec. spotlight:


  • The Last Campfire – depressed Sweedish girl voices everything
  • Luxury DLC for House Flipper – it’s really, really good. probly the best.
  • No Battlefield 2042 Beta – too many bad reports
  • More New World?  Still deciding / also more FFXIV
  • Drinking: Green cola


Voicemail #2: Chris fr MI says – Halo rules, John sucks

  • “Halo 2 was the peak of my Halo-ness.” – John
  • Riders Republic – Forza meets Xtreme Sports – crazy omg big
  • Drinking: BBC IPA

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Farcry

Roundtable: FarCry 6

  • What’s the verdict? 1…2…3
  • Matt sold Deathloop to get Farcry
  • Michelle played PS5 w/ Sissy and bad snacks
  • John did the U-play Plus and got all the xtra stuff
  • “Montana spoke to me more than Cuba” – Michelle
  • The formula is tiring / cut-and-paste resources
  • Get the Tank / 1000’s of guns don’t even matter
  • “There’s something fun about it” – John
  • Future Farcry? Blade Runner Farcry.
  • It’s a hole-filler, not a bad game, not a great game

Voicemail #3: VGOFappper just had a session. Whew!


One more week ’till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

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