Episode # 740 – Sony is DEAD (again).

Episode # 740 – Sony is DEAD (again).

Intro: Red Alert in Redmonton …

Yo, return of Five-Nite-Freddy remix by James, come to the Discord for a link

Voicemail #1: Phil holy f*ck, Sony is so fukkin dead X 3

10 sec. spotlight:



  • (Switch) Unraveled 2 – not online co-op
  • (Switch) Corn barn world – Dusk – Hillbilly Duke Nukem
  • Drinking: Lauren (Amherst Brewing)

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )


  • Switch is best selling platform.
  • Microsoft buys some game developer
  • “Call of Duty will not be an exclusive!” – Michelle
  • “You can’t have exclusives” – Sony Ponies
  • Microsoft is the Disney of Gaming
  • CoD release strategy
  • What happens to Battle.Net?
  • What’s bad about it?
  • The end of Sony
  • The list of IP’s
  • Sanitizing the gaming industry
  • The gaming industry reacts
  • Phil got rid of the bullies
  • Is it fantastic?
  • Phil wants cross-platform bans.

Voicemail #2: Stanley says fukk you michelle. Zombie fukking printers.

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