Episode #741 – Byebye Bungie

Episode #741 – Byebye Bungie

Intro: oldies but goodies, you dummy!

Weed store chronicles – say no to the joint

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Rainbow 6 Extraction  – nah, uninstalled
  • Return of the gift card story.  Pokemon Arceus
  • Upgrade PC’s in work mode – repair simulator on Steam ?
  • More New World / Flight Simulator
  • Drinking: Amherst Brewing Jess

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #1: Kev fr Cin sayz John got some muffikin ballz!


Voicemail #2: MT Guy sayz corn goes in a Silo

  • It takes 2 to b a movie
  • NFT’s – you own nothing. Nobody cares.
  • Tuesday pixelated dick, wednesday dick, it’s stupid.
  • Selling Matt Bradford

Voicemail #3: Vanguard’s the greatest fukkin shit!!!!!

  • Renting people
  • Ban Metaverse, Blockchain
  • Should Michelle do some VR Pron ?
  • Holes of Glory (VR) – “I don’t wanna suck an e-dick” – Michelle

Next Week : Naughty games for Valentimes Day!   NSFW

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