Episode #745 – Real Men Play Elden Ring

Episode #745 – Real Men Play Elden Ring

Intro: Matt is a pussy (song), but he beat a Souls game

Big Man On Campus lore

Voicemail #1: Dan fr. CN sayz Cyberpunk looks fantastic and nudes

10 sec. Snapshot:


  • (oculus) Dance Central – teleportin’ in da club, bottle full of bub. wit little tiny feet
  • Lost Ark
  • Drinking: plain water


  • moar Crows – one of the best shooters that’s new, but the playtest ended
  • (Netflix) Cat Burgler – it is a game. a trivia game.
  • Murderville plug
  • Drinking: Yuengling

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Roundtable: Elden Ring

  • Guest Commentator: tactical_shogun !!
  • Everyone got the Steam version / ultrawide or no ultrawide?
  • Performance issues / no performance issues / locking at 60
  • Graphics / made for PS5 / a Dark Souls game
  • Casting is easy / mana is a problem / melee ok
  • Different CoOp modes / Password matchups
  • optional bosses / classes are stacked / no hugs
  • Best of Dark Souls, Bloodborne
  • Solid 9, not a 10/10
  • Player left messages / Touch my butt / ghost players
  • Where is the multiplayer / WoW needs to be this
  • A different way to look at open world games / GOTY
  • “It’s a great game, it is.” – John


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Next week: ASMR

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