Episode #753 – King Arthur was a Cuck

Episode #753 – King Arthur was a Cuck

Intro: Live from Camelot

I Hate You Lancelot (Song)

Voicemail #1: BoomTap loves everybody and hooked on clicker games

The legends of Kings Arthury stuff

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host: GhostTea (aka, @TheRealGhostTea )

Roundtable: King Arthur:Knight’s Tale

  • It’s meaty – 130GB
  • top notch presentation / no real jank
  • Good lore and backstory / Arthur is an asshole
  • Classic v. Rogue / Good or Evil morality tree
  • Saving constantly like a pussy / Text box skipper
  • turn-based throwback / relaxing
  • Sup with the Lady of the Lake? This sh!ts fukkinm crazy!

Voicemail #2: Remember when Michelle yelled at john for baby games & Matt’s a crank troll
Voicemail #3: Why isn’t Michelle controlling John with the MF spoilers ?


Rockets. All about rockets. Good job Elon, and fu*k Jack Dorsey

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