Episode #773 – Moldy Buns

Episode #773 – Moldy Buns

Intro:  Meet Matto’s replacement – New Matt !!!!

Voicemail #1: Kev from Cincy is an autosexual expert

Quest Pro controversy

10 sec. spotlight:



  • John has a Cape and a beech chair
  • More Cult of the Lamb (again) – best game on Steam
  • (Switch) Splatoon 3 – impossible to play in the sun
  • “It’s fukking Splatoon” – John
  • Drinking: truly extra hard seltzer pineapple orange punch

Voicemail #2:  Order CoD now or wait for Gamepass?
Call of Duty ordering strategery
Is “several” three or more?

Guest Host:  Matt McCarthy (aka, John’s better half )

  • ULTRAKILL – looks like crap, style, speed, and gore
  • Do all Matts return games?
  • Something weird with the reviews
  • Matt’s favorites outside of CoD?
  • Fallout 4 / CoD / Cyberpunk / New World
  • Chopping trees / foilage /
  • Chocobo and Neon White
  • Fast travelling Spider-Man remastered
  • Drinking:


A Killscreens outro.  A new album is, like, 99% done.

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