Episode #775 – Vertical Walls

Episode #775 – Vertical Walls

Intro: circle jerks, mustang priests, and serial killers (preshow)

John’s a knife guy / Halloween / non-hobbit hobbits

Voicemail #1: What game needs a remake?

M-WoW / J-Tony Hawk / M-banjo?Viva Pinata?

Shovel Knight Dig Game Giveaway during the live broadcast!

10 sec. spotlight:


  • (Gamepass) Moonscars – 2D castletroid-like
  • The DioField Chronicles – FF Tactic-ish
  • Potion Permit – bad controls, 2 much rumble
  • Michelle has a cutting trees fetish / the widow maker
  • “Wood makes cool stuff” – anonymous
  • Drinking: Orange Sunkist Zero


  • Deck mode is fading
  • (Gamepass) Slime Rancher 2 – I don’t get the appeal
  • John’s poison traps / sucking slime and spitting
  • You Suck At Parking – with vertical walls
  • MSCHF antics and Jesus shoes / (Steam) Chair Simulator
  • John’s chair obsession
  • CoD Modern Warfare 2 Beta weekend – way better on an Xbox > PS5
  • Drinking: Season of the Witch

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • No Faux-hoodies
  • Finished Saint’s Row / trying to Matt Plat
  • tried: Greedfall / Biomutant / Nex Machina / Scott Pilgrim
  • Waiting for Gotham Knights
  • Drinking: Coke Zero & whiskey

Roundtable: Steam World Dig

  • Matt couldn’t get it to work
  • John ONLY Steamdecked it, and on the TV
  • Rogue like. Dig down, get the jewels, upgrade yo self
  • “I like the game I like the game, I really like the game…” – John repeats himself, like the game
  • It didn’t win Michelle over / Matt says it has no identity
  • Catfishing / Steamworld Dig

Voicemail #2: moronic27 says he’s waiting for you @ Tim Hortons
Haunted glory holes / Gamer Girl and her toes at a Hilton in Niagra


Voicemail #3: Hard Drive Hannah talks about the Golden Age

Glory to the holes

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