Episode #781 – God of War Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers, Call of Duty

Episode #781 – God of War Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers, Call of Duty

Intro: Adults nite out (no Matto) with the Dirt Merchant!

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Voicemail #1: CoD MWII GOTY. Dragon Age Origins anyone?

10 sec. spotlight:



  • CoDMWII CoDMWII CoDMWII. Something something battlepass.
  • Raging Paul Matt Hurt, Savaaral – Thanks for the Mt. Dew codes!
  • Dave The Diver – Perfect Steamdeck game. Charming, great art-style (POTW)
  • john gets smacked in the face with a compliment
  • Matt McCarthy or Phil Spenser ? CoD on the Switch?
  • Drinking: VooDoo Ranger IPA

Guest Host:  Kev, the dirt merchant (aka, @ccgamesceo  )

  • Sonic / CoD / Gotham Knights – 30fps
  • Boxes are being checked
  • GoW Ragnarok goes to 120.  That’s 109 more than 11.
  • Bombarded with trade-ins in the dirt store and smelly customers
  • Nintendo Top ten quiz
  • Drinking: Hard Mt. Dew Zero Sugar

Roundtable – Sonic Frontiers

  • a huge collect-a-thon
  • John played 2 hours – returned it.
  • “Oh, this is kinda fun.” – Michelle
  • Twilight princess + Birth of the Wild
  • “Oh, shit, this is an open world Sonic Game.” – John
  • PC graphics are fuzzy, like hell on the Switch
  • Wait for Black Friday ($20 off)
  • Chris Pratt should voice Sonic
  • Ugg boots plastic / KFC logs


Ragnorok next week

Off on the 22nd for Thanksgiving

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