Episode #782 – Glass Coffee Table

Episode #782 – Glass Coffee Table

Intro: Turkey Time!

Go to the Discord and win some Coarse AF crap!!

Voicemail #1: “I wanna be turd of the week!”

Danny Kay defecating story

10 sec. spotlight:



  • (Gamepass) Ghost Song – It’s “Soul”-full Metroidvania
  • Farm currency and upgrade yo shit.
  • Call of Duty talking intermission – more Mt Dew codes
  • December 4th Discord event / Google Docs
  • CoD Playstation debate as per Phil
  • Drinking: Vodoo Ranger IPA

Guest Host:  Matt McCarthy (aka, the GOOD Matt  )

  • GoW/ CoD/ Ghost Song / Spider-Man
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure – It’s Sony’s Super Mario, uptown funky
  • Mark Ronson, Mark Ronson, Mark Ronson
  • Steamdeck = PS Vita 2
  • 4k Projector instead of a TV
  • (Switch) Jelly Car Worlds – coming out December 8th!
  • Drinking: Cat’s Meow NE IPA

Roundtable- God Of War: Ragnarok

  • Michelle on PS5, will get on PC
  • Matt got on PS4 / John PS5 with Wal-Mart +
  • Great intro / “Sony’s dead, it’s a 9” – John
  • performance mode or Pretty mode?
  • It’s hot and we’re wearing fur.
  • a softer Kratos
  • Combat same same same
  • Wait a minute…that’s the loading screen
  • great game. wait for the PC instead of buying a PS5


Voicemail #2: Controller vs keyboard/mouse controller?

  • Turning off auto-aim is a flex / K/D ratios
  • Where are the stats?
  • Can you beat the Satans?
  • Discord exclusive mini-casts
  • Rub talk / Girthy peppercorn / Garlic AF in development

Off next week / Get out of your car, get into our Discord

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