Episode #805 – Real Videogames Journalist

Episode #805 – Real Videogames Journalist

Intro: The Big One !!    …and  NO MATT !!

Who is your ultimate guest and why is it Phil Spencer?

Drips and throbs

Voicemail #1: Yur FL fan asks are midnight releases dead ?

Phil, I Love You (Song) / That gasp!

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Advance Wars / Jedi Survivor / All about the Xbox
  • Forza 5 Rally Adventure – The Hot Wheels expansion is a whol nother ball of wax
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed is NOT the same thing as Forza
  • Doing Gamepass on Steamdeck – Phil says it’s okay
  • Steamdeck performance update and the status of Xbox
  • (Gamepass) Ravenlok – a baby game for dink dink dink dink babies
  • Drinking: Partake Pale

Voicemail #2: do something bad, get shamed for it. Gameshaming?

Guest Host:  Conner Omali (aka, @mmofallout on the Twitter )


  • Phil says games don’t matter?
  • Jet Pack sex / Redfall drama
  • Gamepass / PS Plus discussion
  • Buy, rental, or monthly service
  • Madworld mmo buyers had $kkk charged to their accounts
  • Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore launch duplicates purchases
  • bringing back old MMO’s with NFT stuff
  • keep an eye on Lineage Eternal
  • Extraction games / idea fabric bankruptcy / New World
  • WoW damage control and sentiment tracking
  • Nintendo news – Switch is at the end of it’s rope

Zelda will not be surprising / check out Conners new website: https://vidjamagmaes.work/

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