Episode #811 – Wholesome Gaming Special: Do All Cozy Games Suck?

Episode #811 – Wholesome Gaming Special: Do All Cozy Games Suck?

Intro: Cozy up my friends to the show that never ends…

An all peaceful podcast with cozy, wholesome games.

Feelin’ Cozy (Song)

Voicemail #1: The Matt controversy / He’s not gonna fukk you

What does a Cozy Game mean to you?  Wholesome is a gen z compliment.

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Fall of Porcupine – has gender neutral bathrooms and trigger warnings. snoop phones
  • Cute sounds and dialog are musts for Cozy games
  • Venba – cooking with Indian Mama
  • Flutter Away – the coziest game of all – and chupacabras?
  • Lake – is janky. and boring. It’s not GTA
  • Matt got some library games:
  • (PS5) Scars Above – not a AAA game, but good
  • Drinking: Whiskey and Coke

The Cozy-Wholesome debate : Wholesome has baggage

Voicemail #2: best analog game?  Yo-yo?  Frisbee?

The answer is Lawn Jarts / cheating at Rubik’s cube / chess


Voicemail #3: Richard fr MT asks- X Defiant Call of Duty Killer or just dooty?

DudeBroh Final Fantasy next week!

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