Episode #822 – Win at Life with the Xbox Mastercard

Episode #822 – Win at Life with the Xbox Mastercard

Intro: Matt’s back!

We’re in a weird time / assassin’s creed on iphone

deck mode w/ yo phone and a pioneer

Steam’s 20th anniversary / John’s memories

John’s in The Guardian

Voicemail #1: I appreciate your honesty about Starfield

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Mythforce – a Saturday morning cartoon – good bones but not polished yet
  • An Ankou – Cool, but combat needs tweaking > Mythforce
  • More Starfield
  • Drinking: Neo Vitamins Orange Tangerine


  • Starfield the most
  • Bounty of One– fight the hordes when you stop moving
  • More Starfield
  • Drinking: Gatorade Zero / Lemon Lime

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Baldur’s Gate smore
  • Nope, that’s it, just Baldur’s Gate
  • Drinking: Buble strawberry

The Bubbly / Champagne debate

Voicemail #2: Shitting on games … mumble … mumble

The Chime Sharp controversy

Official Roundtable Review: Starfield

  • Where’s the table – in space?
  • Matt’s low spec computer
  • updated drivers / patches and mods
  • Slow start?  Flying is adequate
  • “The whole space travel thing is almost like a farce” – John
  • It’s not fun / bad UI
  • John’s lock picking odyssey
  • Don’t get a Series S / the future is in Mods
  • “This isn’t the revolution I thought it was gonna be” – Matt
  • Voicemail #3: Starfield comparisons
  • “I plan on still playing this” – John


bye bye!

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