Episode #824 – Damn Dirty SHMUPs

Episode #824 – Damn Dirty SHMUPs

Intro: Matt’s back!

Leakage and disklessness

Voicemail #1: fighting games / star citizen made $$$

Starfield / Star Citizen recaps – I am your density management system

a Matt moment / Squadron 42 rumors

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Lets talk about Payday 3 – PvE with a squad (on Gamepass)
  • Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty – Resetting the skill tree
  • Robbin Egg?  Jay Bird? What was her name? Her name is Songbird
  • Letting Nvidia do the tweaking
  • Drinking: Partake Pale

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #2: Why does John hawk so hard for Microsoft?

  • Phil even complained about old IP’s
  • Playstation sticking to what works for them
  • Capturing Nintendo magic is hard
  • Connecting the dots – on the whiteboard
  • Phil Spenser / Chickens in videogames / Capcom: games should be more expensive
  • Striking workers and outsourcing / Cluckin’ for Phil

Voicemail #3: blahblahdeblah.. marketplace ..bladeblah … competition

Voicemail #4: Steam deck support has Depends for John

Voicemail #5: Have you tried the XRAEL AR glasses?


Always bet on Black … Tapestries

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