Episode #526 – Christopher Indigenous

Episode #526 – Christopher Indigenous

Intro: Cocoon Outsiders, the Grisham edition

Voicemail #1: Games’ introductory periods suck

Chris Indigenous discovered America / Tutorial Outsiders

Braille podcasts for the blind

10 sec. spotlight:


  • New World: Rise of the Angry Earth – klunky combat and best tree cutting
  • Try the Flail  / I’m on a horse
  • This Old World, the Bob Villa edition
  • Steam Next Fest – Hairdresser Simulator – Cowboys and whores
  • “My friend said to me – I need a few blonde tips.” – Michelle
  • Tent hair and Sugar Ray
  • Drinking: water


  • RoboCop: Rogue Simulator – propane tanks everywhere and skillpoints
  • Robo Hitler?
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Free Beta impressions – WoW!!!
  • (Gamepass) Forza Motorsport – Tryna be Grand Turismo
  • “It makes me just wanna play Grand Turismo” – John
  • Drinking: Montucky cold Snack ??

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • (Gamepass) Cocoon – a puzzle game without Wilford Brimley
  • The Chime Sharp connection
  • Baldur’s Gate final battle – almost
  • The same ol same ol Assassin’s Creed – it’s a mirage
  • Drinking: Writer’s Tears Whiskey


  • The Odyssey of Ubisoft
  • ESP asks: Will I like Mirage?
  • Amazon Prime Day – SD cards for the Switch
  • “If you can’t run the game on that drive, why did you allow that to happen?” – John
  • External to the Internal problems – blame Phil
  • operator error – “That’s MY joke!” – John
  • Phillip C Dyck / Seemore Butts
  • Starfield Doritos / digital copy of Redfall
  • Kids and free shit / Rockstar and Mountain Dew

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