Episode #828 – Super Spiderman Wonder Brothers 2 Mario

Episode #828 – Super Spiderman Wonder Brothers 2 Mario

Intro: Matt pays a visit.  An overwhelming week of games.

Sexy condiments / Midnight Caller soon?!!?? Get the VGO app or listen at ilovevgo.com!

Voicemail #1: Games for depression?

10 sec. spotlight:



  • New Apple TV 4K for gaming. It’s just good
  • That Japanese game made him do it
  • (Apple TV) TMNT Splintered Fate –  it’s a rogue.
  • City Skylines II – It’s a cities game. Pipe management.
  • (Switch) Super Mario Wonder -The Target Edition w/ Shadowboxing pile of sh!t
  • The Wonder in Mario Wonder / Genius stupid idea: Ghost Standies
  • Flowers and seeds and juice everywhere
  • Drinking: Nintendo Juice / Partake IPA

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Lamplighter League – Xcom in the 1930’s punk-like-indiana-jones-alien-thingy
  • (Netflix) Captain Laserhawk – more fun than actual Ubisoft games
  • Drinking: No Boats on Sunday

Voicemail #2:

  • Onyx Edge Club  / The trading game
  • Spider-Man history / Asshole-itis
  • First impressions / The game is a spectacle
  • added Queens/Brooklyn / Polygon models downgraded?
  • Why no backlash for bugs? / play as Peter AND Miles
  • Wings vs. swinging / There’s a swing assist?
  • The story / The enemies / Aunt May is dead
  • Combat / Gadgets / cool, detailed world
  • Fast travel / magic portals
  • Finally the time to buy a PS5
  • Best Spider-Man to date
  • finish yo drinks / clear the table / tip your servers

Voicemail #2: Juicy Red Button?  not for the color blind
“Brown or red, we don’t care” – Michelle


  • Freeplay days, …actually 10 hour days …(Microsoft)
  • Wil there be a Next-Gen console?
  • Sony Media Molecule Dead / Stadia’s dead

Voicemail #3: Halo Infinite Season 5 ?  they refined the sh!t out of this game

  • Matt’s custom maps / smarter bots and creativity
  • Old guys with guns / Twin Galaxies
  • Reminiscing / Twitch Whores and Only Brooms

Show on MONDAY 10/30 next week !!!

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