Episode #831 – Thanksgiving Gaming Special

Episode #831 – Thanksgiving Gaming Special

Intro: A Traditional Thanksgiving area podcast

Turkey Guy is coming on a CD in a Tesla

I’m A Turkey (Song)

Garglin’ jizz recipe

Voicemail #1:  MW3 should have been DLC

Let’s Talk About:  The stupid PS5 Wi-Fi device

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Risk of Rain Returns – remake of the 2D one.
  • Cuisineer – For the Furries: restaurants and dungeons
  • collecting eggs and chicken legs
  • Glossary entry: “The well isn’t that deep”
  • Death Must Die – cool broken builds, one to look at
  • Body Swap games on Micro VGO- Titan Quest
  • Greece and Thanksgiving lore close to Turkey
  • Drinking: Wadder


  • Mario Wonder yet Matt?  No
  • The Saga of Jebidiah Spencer- He was a Pilgrim
  • Call of Duty – 400 years in the making
  • Modern Warfare 3- This is the last game
  • Pre-installing shady shit / Faster and sweatier
  • Drinking: Brick and feather letters from Zelda

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Pigeons for Thanksgiving – Headbangers Rhythm Royale – Great!
  • (Switch) Pizza Possums – it’s so good
  • Finished Spider-Man 2. not platted
  • Enjoying Alan Wake 2. So much fun
  • Drinking: Sapporo


Off next week – Happy Turkey Day !!!!

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