Episode #833 – The FURRY Episode

Episode #833 – The FURRY Episode

Intro: A very furry podcast – without Matt!

Furgin furginas

Voicemail #1: Bret The time traveler with a Bread Garlik warning!

Will Furries save the future? What is a Furry game?

John’s tail tale  / “I wore chokers in the 90’s” – Michelle

10 sec. spotlight:


  • The sex and furry venn diagram analysis
  • Beat Bangers – Bang furginas it to the beat
  • “The gameplay is actually pretty good.” – Michelle
  • Goodbye Volcano High – get yo song out b4 the world ends
  • DarkMaus – homage to dark souls.  Good maps.
  • “you can’t spell mouse like that!” – John
  • Backpack Battles – deep as fuk (John)
  • Firstifer’s Fungeon – arcadey top down side scrolling supersize sprites
  • Didn’t play WoW / Is WoW a Furry game?
  • Affliction next week
  • Drinking: warder


Album release Daytime Vampire (Killscreens) – it’s everywhere

Voicemail #2: FU Rockstar for no GTA6


Next week – Games of the Year!

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