Episode #840 – Nintendo bringing games to the PC?

Episode #840 – Nintendo bringing games to the PC?

Intro:  The Flo-Rida Episode !!!

Matt and the Oscar Season

Voicemail #1: Agents are verifying your **********

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Enshrouded – Elder-scrolls-valdheim-ish / dig down voxel deep
  • “I’m a Mage and I’m tryin to build out my set” – Michelle
  • Still playing Palworld / Dogworld
  • Michelle bought a trampoline
  • The Trampoline argument
  • Drinking: Smart Water


  • (PS5) Tekken 8 – pandas and cheetas?  No, just a Demo.
  • “Best fighting game I’ve played in the last year” -John
  • (PS5) Yakuza Like A Dragon – Infinite Wealth – Japanese GTA? No.
  • Endless story, endless cutscenes, endless dialog, campy and cheezy
  • “For some weird reason, I’m into it.” – John / Satisfying combat
  • “I found a dildo and that’s my main weapon right now”-John
  • Drinking: The Beast Unleashed Hard Monster Mean Green

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Finally, Palworld  /  The Palworld install story
  • “Stop tweeting and play Palworld, we need to find out why you;re wrong about it.” – Tik Tok Girl
  • (Gmaepass) Turnip Boy Robs Bank – This is a hefty deck game.
  • Evil West – very satisfying (PS Plus Essentials)
  • Drinking: Sprite Zero

Voicemail #2:


  • Nintendo News: No OLED on new Switch
  • The Donkey Kongs will be coming to PC in 2026 – Hip Hop Gamer
  • Phil couldn;t buy Nintendo / Microsoft spending to bury Sony
  • “Hogwarts cannot be repeated” – John
  • “How many peoples’ kids are playing Call of Duty?” – Michelle
  • Dragons Dogma 2 performance mode? No
  • The 30 fps barrier / Shiny puddles
  • Apple EU regulations / Workers special treatment / Meat shield
  • Nintendo MarioLand Coming to Orlando
  • Visions of Mana pulled
  • Limited edition controllers
  • Sriracha is awesome

No Live show next week, but there will be a Micro. Back live on the 13th, maybe some soaking corks

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