Episode #857 – Papyrus Mario: Egypt Gaming Special

Episode #857 – Papyrus Mario: Egypt Gaming Special

Intro:  But have you seen The Mummy? He’s from Egypt

142857 ?  what does it mean?

Caverns of Khafka / Prince of Persia / dagger of amon ra

“I’m never going in that dirty ball pit” – Michelle

10 sec. spotlight:


  • The Pyraplex – build your own pyramid – getcha stamps and charm some snakes
  • Iratus Lord of the Dead – use yo minion power. Raise new ones, cool but brutal.
  • (iOS) Doors: Paradox – pretty puzzle stuff – also on STEAM
  • also Prince of Persia / Egyptian adjacent
  • Drinking: Water


Roundtable: The Rogue Prince of Persia

  • not a metroidvania?
  • “Basic and repetitive and a bit shitty” – Michelle
  • “I feel the Dead Cells in this” – John
  • Basic combat, wall running, parkour
  • Runs terriffic on the Steamdeck
  • decent music / warmed up to the art style, it’s mobily
  • It’s deadcells – it’s not deadcells

Special Guest Host: Egyptian Echo Mo

  • Is the Mummy a good movie?  Yes
  • Is Brendan Frasier a hunk?  No, I don’t think so
  • What’s going on with Graham Handcock?
  • How old are the Pyramids?
  • Have you sen UFO’s?
  • Evil eyes and curses
  • There you go.


Conclusion:  The Mummy was a decent movie, but Brendan was NOT a heat throb

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