Episode #858 – Xbox Handheld Shadowdrop?

Episode #858 – Xbox Handheld Shadowdrop?

Intro: with Special Guest —–  Matt Bradford !!!

The Mummy was so last week and Brenden was a stud.

Xbox event on Sunday – price hikes incoming!

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Soulmask  – survival craft with talenting through the talent trees
  • It’s Palworld + Conan Exiles = Penis sliders and boobie physics but sterile UI
  • Enotria: The Last Song – demo – a souls-like theory crafting mask swapper
  • 10 mystery Steam game giveaway  – Check the Discord for details
  • Skald: Against the Black Priory – “This is too retro” – John
  • Crops! – a fruit and vegetable autobattler. “Props for Crops!” – Michelle
  • Turned on Elden Ring / John being butt hurt /
  • Watched The Fountain – they took the tree from Elden Ring
  • Drinking:  Water


  • Gray Zone Warfare – “This game is a fukking grind” – John
  • Selaco – modern shooter using an old modern engine
  • Steamdeck approved, but trouble with cloud saves.
  • Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip – it kills Lil Gator Game.  Collect yo parts for yo taxi
  • Mullet Madjack comes with Selaco
  • Boomer discussion
  • Drinking: Partake IPA

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Matt swallows a lot of anger
  • Animal Well (again)- does cool, unique things
  • Indicka – little people crawling out of Nuns’ mouths
  • Realistic cutscenes / feels like it was made by Terry Gilliiam
  • Finished Hellblade 2 – hard to lose in this game
  • Hauntii – follow the path to heaven – hard to platform because of the style
  • Furiosa  – fleshes out the Fury Road Universe
  • Under the Bridge – mystery murders / Dropout TV
  • John’s take on Civil War
  • Drinking: Whisky and Coke Zero

Voicemail #2:


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