Episode #549 –  Remastered! Feat. Dmitry of Hardware Canucks

Episode #549 – Remastered! Feat. Dmitry of Hardware Canucks

Intro: A Fort night yet again

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Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO:  Ricky fr CT sayz – what about FFXV?

10 sec. spotlight:


Dimitry’s 10 seconds (Hardware Canucks  )


  • Fortnite (again) -Better than PUBg on console – (Stream  )
  • Johns Joycons are popping off (Bad Tech  )
  • Switch 1 2 is magically stupid
  • John will buy anything for the Switch, like Bayonetta (Stream  )
  • Like Fe (Stream  ) Like it / hate it / like it / hate it
  • Amazon Release Day Delivery is a LIE
  • Super Seducer – a womanizer sim – is it a game?
  • Drinking: a Jigsaw Jazz

Voicemail #2:  Oscarmeyerhooker sayz Cowabunga Mothafukkas!



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