Episode  #551 – Theft, Lies, and Video Tape

Episode #551 – Theft, Lies, and Video Tape

Intro:  An all California VGO!!!

Girls on Film Stealing Candy at CCgames

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Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Godspeed sayz No Netflix on Switch

10 sec. spotlight:



  • John’s Xbox has gone to the dark side and super-cables
  • Turok 2   in circles
  • Ion Maiden  on the old Duke Nukem engine (Stream  )
  • Drinking: Soda and True Lemon

Guest Host:  Kevin, aka CCGamesCEO !  (@ccgamesceo )

  • VR platforming with Moss
  • Cursed Castle (Castilla Maldita)
  • Battlefield I revisit
  • The Wii re-analysis


Voicemail #2: Speech ban on U-tube chicken haters

Voicemail #3: Playstation exclusives?

Voicemail #4: killing innovation?

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