Episode #569 – Amazon Prime on the Can

Episode #569 – Amazon Prime on the Can

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Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO: The big, fat, “you guys say words wrong” montage!

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Earthfall is a worse Left for Dead II, out for everything!
  • Wayward Souls – Rogue-like RPG
  • Observer_ was free with Twitch Prime, but no FOV slider = sick.
  • Explained on Netflix: E-Sports episode was hosted by an annoying valley girl
  • WoW: Pre-expansion Patch – Battle for Azeroth is coming for you


Matt…. will be back next week because his internet sucks.

Voicemail #2: Kev from Cin says f*ck social media and the Arena Net drama.


  • Amazon Prime crybabies
  • Ubisoft is selling more games on PC than XBOX
  • Call of Duty Dilemma
  • Yakuza ditches the Switch
  • Uncharted Movie


Voicemail #3: It’s hard to be a gamer in public

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