Episode #571 – Dirt Merchant

Episode #571 – Dirt Merchant

Intro:  Like a lost Malaysian Airliner…

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Justin fr. GA comes a lot on 8-bit

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Call of Duty schwag, coffins, and profits.

“Summer of VGO” in August

10 sec. spotlight:



    • More Banner Saga 3
    • Guts and Glory (Switch) (Also PC)
    • Go Vacation (Switch) $50 – Nostalgia for some
    • No Mans Sky Next (update)
      • not good / bad menus
      • Same game, but now you can play with your friends
      • No longevity / broken promises

Voicemail #2: Dude fr. Seattle sayz No Mans Sky

Voicemail #3: English dude threatens John w/ a frog


Guest Host : CCGamesCEO, aka Kevin, aka The Dirt Merchant

  • Still hooked on Mario Tennis Aces
  • CoD WW2 Beta (PS4)
  • Drinking: he didn’t say, but probably is after this show


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