Episode #576 – Chime Sharp Shill

Episode #576 – Chime Sharp Shill

Intro:  Matt’s rubber soul and Guiness book of records

Chime Sharp is missing

Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO : U guys are off on Battlefield 5

Ensuing Beta, release push back, and controversy

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10 sec. spotlight:



  • WoW ads on John’s computer
  • Ratchet & Clank (the new one, just discovered on PS4)
  • Strange Brigade – arcadey 3dp shooter
  • Messenger (Switch) – a lot like Shovel Knight
  • “Item Gates”  and  SHMUPS
  • Ex Machina is amazing
  • Drinking:  Matcha

Voicemail #2: Y splash water in face in movies?

Guest Host  MATTO! (aka, @MattoMcFly  )


Voicemail #3: Sayz – indys on Switch?

  • Switch, PC, and Indie Games  have a three way in a cesspool
  • Nintendo needs to stop S-ing the D
  • Xbox rental revisit

* for in yo face posterity


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