Episode #585 – Fuck Your Stickers with Rob Sprance

Episode #585 – Fuck Your Stickers with Rob Sprance

Intro: The Proprietor of Democracy! Election Day Special!!

Sticker shaming

Voicemail #1 (520-FEEL-VGO) – Swiggin’ sayz he gets it in the boo boo

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10 sec. spotlight:



  • Call of Duty rollouts of paid stuff – hide the monetization
  • Blaming it on the Mobile market
  • Diablo 3 (Switch) – It’s all there. Bad graphics and small print.
  • Drinking: Virginls Zero Sugar

Guest Host:  Rob SPRANCE !!! (aka, @RobSprance from the Riotcast )

  • Robs take on Red Dead
  • This one is darker with no lightheartedness
  • Great horse technology
  • Rob bought AC: Odyssey and he likes it!
  • Project Stream is impressive on the Mac
  • The console doesn’t matter anymore / Chromecast is the secret
  • 2 year Gamepass w/ Tomb raider and … trials?
  • HDR makes a difference
  • Drinking: Just water

Voicemail #2: Not much gameplay for a masterpiece


Voicemail #3: MT Guy sayz WTF @ Diablo


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