Episode #633 – Call of Doritos

Episode #633 – Call of Doritos

Intro: A Spooktacular Podcast !!!

I get knocked down

Voicemail #1: Back when John was funny…

13 sec. spotlight:

Michell Murdersen (Ghostal Michell)

  • Rainbow 6 Docktor’s Curse – it was intense
  • The year is 1997 – the game: Blade Runner
  • The Outer Worlds … from gamepass
  • Drinking: Tears of Kotaku Journalists

John Slaycobson (BlackCat13)

  • Great Toilet Simulator
  • The year is 2000 – the game: American McGee’s Alice
  • Totally dug that game, it holds up
  • Waiting all year for: “I am a Call of Duty Guy!”
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare – well oiled
  • “I want the fukkin watches, godammit!” – John
  • Pro Tip: Doritos codes
  • Drinking: Labryinth brewing IPA

Guest Host:  Matto McDie (aka, @MattoMcFly  ) aka Dancing Queen

Roundtable: The Outer Worlds

  • Matt got the PS4 version, and some cables
  • Michelle used Gamepass & .ini tweaks
  • it’s colorful, but looks old, and stolen from Fallout
  • Bioshock reminiscent
  • Feels like an Indie budget game/ list of banned words
  • Matt:Love / Mich:Like / John:Hate


Cacophony ensues

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