Episode #657 – Yo Quiero VGO

Episode #657 – Yo Quiero VGO

Intro: CCGamesCEO breaks the law!

Matt skips the show for movie night.

Voicemail #1: Community games event Saturday 5/9: Call of Duty

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Kevin (aka, @CCGamesCEO  )

  • (XB360) Shadows of the Damned – dick jokes and guns
  • Drinking: Sparkling Meijer Drinking Water Lemon / Lime

Roundtable: Streets of Rage IV

  • art style comments –
  • gameplay –
  • kicking girls –
  • online co-op –
  • Final Fight / Double Dragon comparisons


Keeping up with the Stadia in the barrio.

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