Episode #673 – Our 15 Year Anniversary Special

Episode #673 – Our 15 Year Anniversary Special

Intro:  15 years old.  This is how we started.  This is us.

LIVE Caller: Tom fr. CN sayz thanx  … and MATTGATE!

Voicemail #1:  Alo Ronimo sayz thanks for Rachael Ray cupcakes

Pac-Man 1/4 scale arcade cabinet Giveaway!

Campfire Giveaway! !

  • Tweet your favorite videogame campfire to @VGOPodcast
  • 2 to give away to listeners.
  • As seen on Shark Tank
  • US shipping only

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Marvel Avengers Beta – doesn’t seem like a AAA title
  • Pathfinder Kingmaker Enhanced – Like D&D, it’s serious.
  • Smite – it’s a MOBA
  •  LG34GN850-B sommin sommin  160 hz ultrawide nano IPS monitor
  • Thanks to Krafty, Michelle is drinking tonite!!
  • Drinking: a Margarita !

Live Caller: Sayz Mario Boxers is his fav & Boundless


  • Battletoads – desperately trying to compete w/ the turtles
  • LIVE Caller: CCGamesCEO sayz Battletoads sucks
  • Flight Simulator talk
  • (Switch) Cris Tales – it’s fine.
  • Drinking: Capt. Morgan & orange pineapple seltzer fruity thing

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )


Voicemail #2: Cyberpunk talk.

Voicemail #3: a heartfelt thank you to VGO

  • Live Caller Fr. Toronto sayz French descent are more in tune..
  • Call of Duty no PS5 upgrade ?
  • Drop the Canadian Loser / It’s about the journey
  • John’s masturbation schedule

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