Episode #736 – Nuts and Logs

Episode #736 – Nuts and Logs

Intro: A Mediterranean, mint cookie Podcast

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Voicemail #1: Tactical sayz don’t listen to Matt @ edibles

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10 sec. spotlight:



  • Played Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon
  • (Mobile) Property Bros. Home Design  – it’s like a porn game
  • “Do you get pegged in it?” – Matt
  • CoD Vanguard talk – and maps. and Warzone. and Battlefield
  • “When are you going to play Returnal?” – Matt
  • John has a PS5 Christmas plan-dreamscape / and KFC log
  • Cashews? Sure. 3.5 mixed nuts
  • Drinking: Sam Adams Winter Lager

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Chorus – nails the feeling of something like Starfox
  • Let’s into HALO. 

Ring Table: Halo Master Chief Collection

  • Downloading problems / xbox app sucks
  • It looks good… / it’s linear / it’s old school / it’s Halo.
  • You get caught up eventually
  • Grappling hook is the fun / It’s a shooting gallery
  • John sees the code behind the Matrix
  • Banning audio tapes in games / well made / unoriginal
  • Matt give 8.5 / John
  • Matt is drinking Teabag Scotch Whisky


Voicemail #2: Sweedish guy asks about Xmas shopping

Next Week: It’s Xmas you MUTHAS !!!

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