Episode #738 – Our 2021 Games of the Year Special

Episode #738 – Our 2021 Games of the Year Special

Intro: a FORT-a-fied podcast / 5 favorites from 2021

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Voicemail #1: VRfapper likes matt’s golden showers

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10 sec. spotlight:


  • No Man’s Sky – not Coop friendly
  • Astroneer – best game on Gamepass
  • State of the nascent Gamepass library
  • Tetris effect – more Gamepass praise
  • Drinking: Simple Truth Vapor Water


Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Five games of 2021:

Voicemail #2: Gamepass Joe sayz is on NewTube
Voicemail #3: Visal (?) asks why Soy boy Matt is defending Halo instead of John

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