Episode #766 – Mother’s Milk

Episode #766 – Mother’s Milk

Intro:  The opposite of corporate

Voicemail #1: Fuck John poser ass

Vita/PSP nostalgia

Game Giveaway!

10 sec. spotlight:


  • A little dabble will do ya – Blastronaut
  • Dungeons of Sundaria – what makes a dungeon a dungeon? Janky but cool
  • Thanks to Stars of Gars for Legion TD 2 – Tower defense – it’s deep
  • Drinking: Sunkist Zero – Jobs Done!!


  • Steamdecking – all my gaming is belong to outside
  • Water Damaged Steamdeck?  No, it’s fine.
  • MultiVersus – a Warner Bros. Smash Bros. game – kinda fun
  • (Switch) Live A Live (again) – yo momma’s tits in the game
  • Neon white– Grey market key – Tony Hawk speedrunning smooth
  • It’s a furry fukker game.  Dog girls Neon Red
  • The great Furry debate
  • Drinking: homemade Arnold Palmer

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #2: which is better double jump or glide jump?


Show next week?  TBA

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