Episode #769 – Is Cult of the Lamb GOTY?

Episode #769 – Is Cult of the Lamb GOTY?

Intro: Live from Ohio, it’s the Product of the Year show!

Cult of the Lamb / Snacktive.com next week

Matt has bright red biker shorts

Voicemail #1: Lunchbox sayz Steamdeck @ the beach is nerdy

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Rollerdrome – U R a girl like Tony Hawk with guns
  • Drinking: Canteen pineapple vodka soda

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • Emily is Away part 3 – voyeurism for Matt
  • John’s compliment app and guys jerking off
  • Drinking: who cares?

Roundtable: Cult of the Lamb

  • Michelle – a 12 hour game? more like 25. GOTY
  • Matt had to restart twice because: bugs
  • You can talk to the animals /  the fishing is okay
  • Combat feels better than in the demo
  • feed your followers poop / Put it on hard
  • Autopilot after unlocking everything
  • There’s a point to everything / free future updates
  • This game has ruined others like Animal Crossing
  • “There is always lots of surprises” – Matt
  • “I was thinking about it in bed” – John
  • Finishing a game before the Roundtable –  A Michelle first
  • Nailed the art style. Intuitive UI, great music,
  • get it

Voicemail #2: Dude says zombie babies are a thing
Voicemail #3: Randy asks have you convinced a hater?
Voicemail #4: Fizzle sayz xbox cloud gaming
Voicemail #5: Moronic27 says day new mic turns him on


  • John and Matt get into audio porn
  • New Alone in the Dark / Harry Hard On discussion w/ Christian Slater
  • Michelle gave makeovers in HS
  • Sony working on PC games launcher
  • Sony future outlook lengthy discussion / cross progression PS5-PC?
  • Immortals Fenix Rising coming to Gamepass
  • Matt sifting through someone else’s videos
  • Call of Duty preordering for early campaign
  • Waverace 64 coming to Switch
  • Don’t trust yo mother to save yo shit
  • Hogwarts Legacy delayed
  • Kids and videogames
  • offending coding women and Chinese dominancy

What is this Blue-haired Hershey thing? Find out in next weeks Video episode!!!!

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