Episode #779 – Halloween Spooktacular

Episode #779 – Halloween Spooktacular

Intro: Scary Video Spooktacular !!

The Witch is in control

Voicemail #1: how to get started in voice acting?

10 sec. spotlight:

Ms. Satan

Captain Price

Guest Host:  Waldo (aka, @BattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #2: Matt Bradford touched my balls

Matt is reedy McReedy and needs a catchphrase “That’s Haaaaaght!”


Voicemail #3: John stop plagiarizing Rodney!! “Things aren’t good …”

Michelle reads Tarot

  • Matt’s career
  • Is Matt ungrateful?
  • The death card
  • Things aren’t good
  • Activision + Sony ?

More News:

We’re done. Happy Halloween er’vry body !!

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