Episode #785 – Jerking off a Cauldron

Episode #785 – Jerking off a Cauldron

Intro:  Somewhere stuck in the snow in Indiana …

Shitting on the Game Awards – on Twitch

Jellycar giveaway on Discord

Voicemail #1: something about tires and Need for Speed.

Walking high with Matt Bradford / Copying Johns ideas.

10 sec. spotlight:



  • Bard Idle (again)
  • Demos, lots of demos / Forspoken – with a talking bracelet
  • Jelly Car Worlds – Check the Discord pins for a free giveaway
  • CoD/WoW/Fortnite
  • Drinking: Sierra Nevada liquid hoppiness IPA

Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

  • High on Life – taking over the memes.  Lo-Fi shooter
  • fukking with the framerate / everything talks / Kurt Russel love
  • “You don’t want a friendly knife” – Michelle
  • Family Guy is asshole comedy
  • Finished God Of War
  • Halo Infinite Forge Mode / Valheim is tempting / Back 4 Blood
  • Drinking: Red wine in a Johnny Depp mug


  • MS <-> Activision deal and Sony politics
  • Is Jim Ryan smarter than Phil?  We all have egg nog, Phil has Jim Beam
  • Sony wants to grow by making MS smaller
  • What happens when AI takes over ?
  • And…the Game Awards – the dumbest show evar
  • Microsoft deal with Riot Games
  • Series S is $50 off until Christmas – “There is no purpose for an Xbox” – Michelle
  • Splinter Cell Radio Drama
  • 10 free games on Twitch / Epic Games has some too!
  • Gaming is becoming disposable entertainment
  • We peaked in the 360 era
  • On Broadway

T’was the episode before Christmas – next week!

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