Episode #787 – Our 2023 Gaming Predictions: Matthew Perry Golf?

Episode #787 – Our 2023 Gaming Predictions: Matthew Perry Golf?

Intro: Welcome to 2023 – we ran the numbers / Prognostication

Voicemail #1: Any y’all like cats?

Doc, Marty, Marty, Doc…

10 sec. spotlight:



Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Video Game Predictions 2023:


  • Bedroom furniture shopping / Black track suits and gym shoes
  • “A.I. in games will cause drama” – Michelle
  • There’s AI in High On Life / Darth Vader’s AI voice
  • “Matt, you’re bringing no value from an entertainment perspective” – John
  • Cross platform will be the norm / an excuse to get more $$$
  • Sony will buy a large company (Square Enix?) / Tencent involved
  • Starfield delayed again and will suck balls
  • The Bomb: PSVR2 will flop hard / NFT’s and blockchain are dead
  • Could Happen: Chuck Barkley is a Covergirl for BarkleyBall
  • Vtuber -furry wedding is inevitable
  • Bloodborne remaster / nintendo PC ports / Someone to fall at E3


  • Starfield will be game GOTH / Lt Jim played by Matthew Perry
  • Activision NFT – Trading on all platforms / skins/ maps / DIY creations
  • VR will be a slow decline. Sony will lower the price for $149.99
  • No one’s on a plane with an Oculus
  • Nintendo will announce Switch 2 / Updated Steamdeck, too
  • Phil will be looking for non-Sony partnerships (Steam)/ Nintendo is the Japan gateway
  • Matthew Perry Golf!!


  • NFT’s will be re-named / It can’t be centralized
  • VR coming back by Nintendo or Apple
  • Dongles.  All about the dongle.
  • Super MArio Movie will be good /
  • First AI streamer … –  nope / Gamepass price hike / destabilization
  • “I’m gonna get a Playdate this year” – Matt
  • Jedi Survivor will be good but you guys will pan it.
  • White Lotus talk … Glass Onion not as good as first one
  • Starfield will be great eventually.
  • GOTY- Spider-Man 2


Next week: Backlog special !!

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