Episode #790 – Forspoken and Fire Emblem Engage Review

Episode #790 – Forspoken and Fire Emblem Engage Review

Intro: Really big shew tonite

Discord now has forum for specific episodes / New shop items launch – soon

90 seconds to midnight

Voicemail #1: Arnold acks what kind of game you want for VR?

A VR argument ensues

10 sec. spotlight:


  • Michelle bought a Switch OLED -better quality
  • (Switch) Fire Emblem Engage – As deep as you want it to be
  • Tedious dialog / going through the motions
  • Nintendo can do better
  • teasing Cake Mania on new Switch purchase
  • (Switch) Traveller’s Rest – got dat Stardew Valley thang
  • Drinking: Happy Belly brand Amazon water.  Shitty cap.


Guest Host:  Matto (aka, @MattoMcFly  )

Voicemail #2: Spiders and dyed hair, Matt

Roundtable: Forspoken

  • Main character hate / price hate / internet hate
  • cringe writing? / empty world, but beautiful / great spell casting
  • “It looked fine; it didn’t blow me away, though” – John
  • “It felt weird, it felt different” – Michelle
  • grey rocks and ruins / “It’s an okay game” – Matto
  • John predicts Matt will go back to this game, love it, and Matt-Plat it.
  • unfair hate-pile-on / bad reviews /
  • Valentimes day plans / garbage day


Voicemail #3: Is Matt self-employed and is he his own CEO?

  • Matt is a self-hating business owner / soory
  • X-files memories
  • and the cult of Jillian Andersen
  • how about Twin Peaks?
  • How about Mousepads? VGOMERCH.com

Sex show and Harry’s Potter coming in the future

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